Body Awareness Ballet Class with Mrs. Leslie Domittner-Cardona, New York City, USA

Here you may watch a full version of the interview with Mrs. Leslie Domittner-Cardona, the Creator of Body Awareness Class, Vienna, Austria:

One enters a different world while being part of the Body Awareness Ballet Class of Leslie Domittner-Cardona with STAGE. It is an artistic world full of color and joy that moves at a high vibration. New York Style. Precise, fast, respectful, efficient, cool.

Blending of traditional knowledge with rich multinational experiences

Her original blending of old traditional knowledge and rich multinational experiences make Leslie´s style unique and fascinating. Her roots, education and experiences go from Puerto Rico over New York, oversee to London, back to New York and again oversee, this time to Vienna.

Soloist with Dance Theater of Harlem and GYROTONIC TM Practician

The career as soloist ballet dancer with Dance Theater of Harlem and GYROTONIC TM practician for many years provided her useful tools.

dancearts Vienna, Leslie Domittner-Cardona, studying dancers

Mentor and trainer after a soloist ballet dancer career

What is so special about Leslie is the fact that she is not (only) a trainer. She is a mentor and a trainer with a soloist dancer career behind her! These kind of people know what they are talking about. They should be given credit for what they say. Those mentors can be trusted, who went themselves through every single experience they are talking about. In other words, this is a very healthy approach for those who want to understand ballet.

Leslie Domittner-Cardona, teaching Body Awareness Ballet Class at dancearts

The art of ballet, something worth to experience

Ballet is not seen as something to be cured of, but something worth experiencing! And Mrs. Domittner-Cardona found an efficient way for ballet dancers to connect with their body. Therefore, dealing with sensitive issues becomes for dancers possible and accessable.

The knowledge of inner and external awareness

The knowledge of inner and external awareness, reaching a state of calmness within oneself, is the best injury prevention.

Leslie Domittner-Cardona teaching at Noja-Nebyla Stage Education, dancearts, Vienna

Performing from a peaceful state of mind

“Stability and strengthening techniques, the incorporation of breath and energy distribution into movement help creating a balanced dancer and person.”

Leslie Domittner-Cardona

Once the mind and soul are in a non-chaotic state they enable dancers to work and perform better. With other words, they perform from a “present”, peaceful state of mind. And so, “dancers are able to create strong yet unstressed, effortless connections.” In addition, Mrs.Domittner-Cardona says: “they can enjoy more the art of dance and suffer less”

Valuable feedback in testing the pilot-project

Thank you, dear Mrs. Domittner-Cardona, for sharing with generosity your skills and giving us your valuable feedback in the phase of testing the pilot-project: STAGE EDUCATION!

If you would like to have more information about the Noja-Nebyla Stage Education pilot-project in Vienna, please contact us following the link! Thank you for watching and sharing!

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