Meet the Creator and Teacher of Body Awareness

Leslie A. Domittner-Cardona, NYC

I have met Leslie soon after I took over the directorship of Vienna State Opera Ballet School in 2010. I remember our inspiring talks of bringing change in the system of educating ballet dancers and her true devotion in implementing them.

Success of Body Awareness Classes

I remember also the first successes of her hours with young students. Some of them are now successful principal dancers, as Natascha Mair or Jakob Feyferlik or soloists as Vincenzo di Primo or Rinaldo Venuti and keep great memories about her teachings. It was through Body Awareness classes where Mrs. Domittner-Cardona and I could break free. We could manage together to transcend a pretty rigid system of teaching, educating, mentoring. It was a lot of firm learnings we have achieved together!

“Must Have”

Mrs. Leslie Domittner- Cardona has a deep knowledge and long experience in ballet and gyrokinesis. Altogether with her teaching qualities, are making her to a “must have” assistence in educating the ballet dancers of tomorrow. I am more than happy that her goals match ours. As she says: ” serve the dance … communities to achieve peace of body, mind and spirit. To give them a better sense of self and bring them a deeper awareness of the inner workings of themselves.”

More organic way to move for dancers

Helping young dancers move in “more organic ways” is also one of the goal post of the running pilot-project Noja-Nebyla Stage Education. The pilot was set as an original education lab for training and moulding young international dancers intellectually, creatively and physically.

Taking learnings and extrapolate them

Through Mrs. Domittner- Cardona the pilot will experiment one of its testing phase. After that, we plan to take the learnings and extrapolate them in something bigger.

Having a soft, quiet and controlled strength

I think that the best way to understand the true quality and passion behind her work are defined by her own words: “As a private ballet teacher, I work in helping and teaching young dancers to understand their bodies using many of the gyrotonic philosophies. (…) After that mixing them with my experiences as a dancer; in other words, working to create a flowing, relaxed way of moving within the technique of classical ballet. “

GYROTONIC TM was originally created for ballet dancers!

“Having a soft, quiet and controlled strength with a peaceful mind and body is possible. Therefore, it just takes patience with ones self and, as with anything worth while- practice.”

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