Mentoring Minds

Grateful to all the mentoring minds I encountered on my journey that made me aware of the mentoring benefits for young ballet dancers, and not only!

Ballet is beautiful, inspiring and could be a life changing experience, especially after you have met your master.

Here some piece of advise for pupils starting ballet, from great masters:

Carlo Blasis, The Code of Terpsichore, valid as well then in 1820 (English version 1830) as now:

“Your first attention must be therefore directed to the choice of a master, with whom you may run no hazard of being led astray. All professors have not issued from good schools, and few have distinguished themselves in the art they pretend to teach. Many there are of ordinary abilities, who, far from increasing the number of good dancers, are daily diminshing it, and whose defective mode of instruction imparts a variety of vicious habits, which the pupil afterwards finds extremely difficult, nay sometime, impossible to eradicate.

Neither follow the the precepts of simple unpractised theorists, utterly incapable of demonstrating clearly the true principles of the art: nor be guided by the imaginary schemes of innovating speculators, who, whilst they think themselves contributing to ameliorate the elementary rules of dancing, are gradually working its destruction.

Carefully shun the baneful lessons of such preceptors; and seek to place yourself under the direction of an experienced master, whose knowledge and talent will serve as true guides to perfection, and point out the path that leads to pre-eminence.”

Enrico Cecchetti, The Manual, 1922

“It is impossible to devote too much care to the selection of a master, for your career depends to a very great extent upon the qualifications of your instructor.”

more to come:)

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