Successful Dancers Inspiring Young Dancers -Natascha Mair

I truly believe that the biggest joy an educator can ever dream of, is the accomplishment of his student.

Therefore, in order to achieve success, the student must find first his true master.

I embrace the opinion of Carlo Blasis, the ballet theorist from the XIX century, regarding criteria of choice. He said: for a student “the first attention must be therefore directed to the choice of a master.”

How accurate the master passes the knowledge to the pupil.

More than anywhere else, the art of ballet is depending of how accurate the master passes the knowledge to the pupil. It all started with Pierre Beauchamp teaching the king. He must have done it right. Because his views spread all over the world and continue to go strong for the last 360 years!

The role of personal models becomes more and more important.

Nowadays, the sources of inspiration for students expand with each passing day. The chance a student finds inspiration in more teachers, dancers or colleagues is very big. The difficult part relies more in making the right choices. The role of personal models becomes more and more important. So does the assistence of true masters.

Big impact on hundreds of participants

For the 6th edition of “Grand Assemblé” 2020, Natascha Mair shared some of her beliefs that made her well-known. Her input as a successful dancer was of big impact on the hundreds of participants to the Romanian Festival in Cluj-Napoca.

Teachers brought her motivation and joy

She said that the ballet teachers brought her motivation and joy, They help her build up her personality and discover herself. Natascha is a previous student of the Vienna State Opera Ballet Academy (direction Manuel Legris and Simona Noja-Nebyla 2010-2020). Due to her talent and great results she was promoted in short time as principal dancer with Wiener Staatsballet. Since 2021 Natascha Mair dances as principal dancer with English National Ballet.

Part of supporting team of the Grand Assemblé

Thank you Natascha for being part of supporting team for the 6th edition of the “Grand Assemblé”! The festival accomodated over the last 6 years hundreds of participants coming 13 counties of 5 continents. The last edition took part on October 24th-27th, 2020 in Cluj-Napoca.

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