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Enhance Ballet Coordination – Visible & Invisible/ Inside-Outside

This workshop will explore the principles of body parts coordination as a whole and how they can be applied to ballet vocabulary, helping participants to raise awareness, speed, and empowerment for their professional and personal development. With specific exercises, you’ll have the opportunity to put your new skills into practice and develop your own style and expression.

For whom: students (starting 6 years old)

Where: live or online; in a ballet studio and any other appropriate space for movement 

Benefits of the workshop:

  • become familiar with the coordination of body parts and the body as a whole
  • understand how the body connects to space
  • synchronize your inner timing with the music
  • and use ballet vocabulary creatively for self-expression
Mental Representation of Ballet Elements and Movements

This workshop is designed to help you improve your understanding and application of key dance concepts such as Space, Rhythm, Dynamics, and Use of Body.  By understanding how these concepts work together, you will be able to enhance the quality of your movement and expression and feel more confident and joyful in your dancing.

After this workshop, you will have a greater awareness of how your dance movements are perceived and represented in space and time. Specifically, you will learn to analyze SPACE in terms of direction, level, amplitude, focus, grouping, and shape; RHYTHM in terms of tempo, duration, accent, and meter; DYNAMICS in terms of direct or flexible curves, and flow; and THE USE OF BODY in terms of posture, pose, locomotion, and gesture.

Through this workshop, you will be aware of your cognitive skills, and develop a deeper understanding of how to transform them into competencies.