Ballet Mentorship

It is well known that to succeed at the top in any profession one needs at least 10.000 hours of practice.
I went through this Parcours as a student, principal dancer, teacher and mentor. The journey keeps going for more than 40 years.
Sharing how to achieve excellence and joy in ballet became my life purpose. If you are curious to find out more, join me!

My Vision


I believe in the uniqueness of the ballet dancer as

a top athlete

fine-tune artist

and a rare gifted movement cultivated human being


The Values I Believe in & I Defend


Defending general good health is the basis for any top performance

Achieving excellence in ballet means the continuous balance between training, nutrition, and regeneration

Promoting a subject-centered approach to teaching

Expanding continuous the barriers to top performance

Developing collaborative processes with students for ballet learning-teaching strategies

Ongoing self-reflection & action taking for the ballet community evolving



to share the joy and benefits of ballet to everybody who wants, independent of age or purpose

to make visible all the hidden values the ballet offers

awareness of the connections between body, space and time though the ballet canon

merging the art with science

Mentorship Formats


The mentorship programs will be defined soon.

Information request by email: