Ballet Mentorship


It is well known that to succeed at the top in any profession one needs at least 10.000 hours of practice. I went through this experience as a student, principal dancer, teacher, director and mentor. The journey keeps going now for more than 40 years… Sharing how to achieve meaning in ballet became my life purpose. If you are curious to find out more, join me!
I believe in the uniqueness of the ballet dancer as a top athlete, fine-tune artist, and a rare gifted movement cultivated human being. My aim is to reveal the deeper meaning of the ballet core and the way ballet dancers embody the values of beauty and truth through their way of being.
Aiming excellence in ballet means streching yourself volontarily from what is challenging enough in the present “into the domain of how you can transform.” (inspired by J. Peterson)
Promoting a subject-centered approach to teaching ballet means that student and teacher are in the same boat, aiming in the same direction, generating together the curiosity for a new field of knowledge. (inspired by Parker J. Palmer)
Developing together with students collaborative processes for ballet learning-teaching strategies means just knocking out the answers from “both sides of the question.”(inspired by Confucius)
Ongoing self-reflexion about the meaning & the voluntary adoption of responsability in the ballet community. (inspired by J. Peterson) 

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