The Outcome

In alphabetical order; it keeps updating!

Miyu Kitabatake

Ballet Dancer


・What are your dreams? My dream is to be a dancer who gives happiness, excitement, and delightfulness; it remains strong in someone’s memory.

・How do you want to grow?・What exactly need to become the ballet dancer of your dreams? First, I must improve my skills, not only in the techniques but also in the expressions. There is a lot of repertoire, which is delicate, complex themes that I have never done. I feel that l have to deepen my outstanding of my life. The complexity of relationships, the indefinable emotions… these things which you can only acquire through everyday life make improvements of the performance. If l could say a tip to young me, I would say, “Don’t do only ballet. Open your mind. The world is huge more than you think.”

・Which contribution to society do you aim to offer? I would say to mentor young students. This is not about the near future, but I would like to challenge myself when I can afford it.