Body Awareness Ballet Class with Leslie Domittner-Cardona, New York City, USA One enters a different world while being part of the Body Awareness Ballet Class of Leslie Domittner-Cardona with STAGE. It is an artistic world full of color and joy, that moves at high vibration. New York Style. Precise, fast, respectful, efficient, cool. Blending of […]

Successful Dancers Inspiring Young Dancers -Natascha Mair

I truly believe that the biggest joy an educator can ever dream of, is the accomplishment of his student. Therefore, in order to achieve success, the student must find first his true master. I embrace the opinion of Carlo Blasis, the ballet theorist from the XIX century, regarding criteria of choice. He said: for a […]

Catharsisul poetic

Citind de curând The Poetry Pharmacy (Farmacia poetică) a lui William Sieghart, am realizat cât de mult datorez eu însămi artei poeziei. Terapie prin poezie Este foarte adevărat că pe lângă valoarea literară, poemele pot avea și un puternic rol terapeutic. Deja Aristotel amintea de catharsisul prin artă. Și totuși, până la citirea volumului […]

Retrospectivă (2015-2020): “Grand Assemblé” – Festivalul european al școlilor de balet – Cluj-Napoca, România                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  „Grand Assemblé” este un festival european de amploare, inițiat de Fundația culturala “Simona Noja” cu sprijinul municipalității din Cluj-Napoca. Cadru elevat al comunicării artistice Festivalul european al școlilor de balet s-a dorit de la bun început un cadru elevat al comunicării artistice coregrafice pentru tineret. La cele 6 ediții de până acum au participat […]

“Dancing nourishes a ravenous brain”- Inspiring affirmation of J.L.Hanna, 2015

Simona Noja, Symposium Speech (Part 2): “Talent, Creativity and Efficiency in Ballet Schools” at The European Festival of Ballet Schools “Grand Assemblé” Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 2015 Following the ideas exposed in Ms. J.L Hanna’s book ” Dancing to learn” we could define dance as a simultaneity of knowledge processing. On one hand, it is connecting the […]

Simona Noja, Symposium Speech (Part 1) 2015

Ballet Academy and Young Company and high employment rate Therefore, a couple of years later, I can say that the plan brought us positive changes. Above all, the transformation from a ballet school into a ballet academy and the start of a young ballet company for our graduates! We started this young company with 8 […]

Mentoring Minds

Grateful to all the mentoring minds I encountered on my journey that made me aware of the mentoring benefits for young ballet dancers, and not only! Ballet is beautiful, inspiring and could be a life changing experience, especially after you have met your master. Here some piece of advise for pupils starting ballet, from great […]

Mário Rádacovsky, Ballet Director of the National Theatre Brno, Teaches at Noja-Nebyla Stage Education Vienna Some people come into our life as blessings… they appear at the right moment…at the right place… Everytime time I meet Mário Rádacovsky, I know that something beautiful is going to happen. His enthusiasm despise all dificulties, his deep passion for dance, his love for people and artists, all these are strong enough reasons […]